2D Animation

LLD specializes in education based animations, with extensive experience in helping our clients create entertaining ways of teaching and instructing.

3D Modeling and Texturing

In addition to 2D animations LLD also offers an extensive 3D modeling and texturing background for projects that require a more realistic style. Lavish environments, medical/educational models even photorealistic characters can all be created to your specifications.

Concept Design and Illustration

Our concept design artists and illustrators can rapidly help our clients visualize their ideas. Be it hi-tech cityscapes, mystic forest glens, or the latest video game characters, anything seen by the mind's eye can be given form by LLD.

Game Design

LLD has produced numerous full-length stand alone games, both in-studio and in collaboration with our clients. We specialize in education based games, with various projects completed for some of the nation's leading online home-schooling content providers. LLD can do the same for you in virtually any format, including online content, iPad/Android 2.0 games, social media entertainment, or stand-alone games.